Improving the quality of bread it is known for a very long time , in the era of automation improver gained special importance in baking.

The purpose of the use of adjuvants is to simplify processes and repeatability of the product . Improver reduces qualitative changes in raw materials and fluctuations in the technological parameters. The need for the use of adjuvants also require new methods and formulation technology.

We offer improvers that can be used both on automatic as well as on craft lines.

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"DARPOL" Dariusz Chodanienok
ul. Jasna 2A, 64-810 Kaczory



Assistant of the Owner

Barbara Maślanka

Phone icon 606 773 405

Phone icon 67 283 14 53

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Customer service:

Customer Service:

Barbara Maślanka 

Phone icon 67 283 17 87

Mail icon

Head of Sales and Purchase

Kinga Chodanienok

Phone icon 726 825 731

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Specialist of Sales and Purchase

Anna Grabowska

Phone icon 660 771 591

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Paweł Maliszewski

Phone icon 882 902 056

Mail icon

Manager for the trade

Ewelina Chodanienok

Phone icon 660 771 590

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Department of quality:

A proxy for the quality management

Dominik Szopiński

Phone icon 600 696 198

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Technical department:

Head of the Technical Department

Marcin Grabowski

Phone icon 606 773 402

Phone icon 67 283 14 57

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